Dala is a genuine partnership between our London team and the boutique denim factory BDA.

BDA is an artisan B-Corp certified denim manufacturer residing in the capital of Paraguay. They pride themselves on creating authentic, quality denim that is not mass produced and is made to last. They actively support their local community and put their workforce at the heart of everything they do.

Innovation and sustainability are integral to BDA's ethos, implementing state of the art technology during development, characterised by self generated formulas within the laboratory. These formulas are characterised by the use of nano bubbles, dosing precisely the water and organic chemicals to be used in the washing process. This reduces the water consumption of a common wash from 170 litres to 30 litres.

All of the water used is processed in their treatment plant and then reinserted for different purposes within the factory. To further avoid the use of abrasive and polluting chemicals, ozone and laser machines are used to achieve a unique and vintage aesthetic. In addition to sustainable washing, BDA are constantly working towards a circular economy by recycling and repurposing as much of their waste as possible. This production methodology makes them stand out in the world market, endorsed by certifications such as Leed Silver, B Corp and the jeans redesign by EMF.


At Dala we are always trying to do better and constantly review the way we make our clothes to ensure sure they are as low impact as possible. This is an evolving process, we are not perfect right now but we’re striving to improve with every collection.

Circular design is central to the brands identity, we approach every collection with the garments end life of our considered. We make our clothing in limited runs in order to reduce waste and use 100% renewable energy within our London office and within BDA.

Denim Collection 001:
All our washes are low impact meaning that they have used less water and energy. Any chemicals used are non-harmful, and the workers health is at the forefront of the process. In addition to this, all hardware used within the garments are removable, and all threads are recycled polyester.

As our collections grow and evolve we will always aim to make small changes at every stage in order to make a meaningful positive impact.


All our factory partners have been selected as their principles and working practices align to Dala's core values.

Our Jersey garments are made in Portugal to the highest standard, your garments will stand the test of time and get better with age. Our factories are proudly ethical and hold the following certificates which go above and beyond standard practice; SMETA Audit, OEKO-TEX certification for chemical compliance, SCOPE certification for Organic standard and SCOPE certification for recycled content.