Our Denim, Your Interpretation.

Dala is a collaborative brand bringing together the cultures of London and Paraguay into a ready to wear denim studio. The brand is people first, specialising in crafting 100% rigid denim for every body. The functionality and form within the shapes allows for inclusivity to be rooted in the brands DNA.

With a focus on combining vintage washes with contemporary, and directional styling Dala creates long lasting and circularly minded garments that intend to become your future heirlooms. We create exceptional garments that emanate positive energy and endure through a lifetime of wear.

As a studio we don’t believe that denim should be restricted to seasons, rather become the backbone of your day to day life. Our fundamentals collection forms the foundation of the brand, made up of interchangeable wardrobe staples that maintain their personality and withstand trends.

By partnering with BDA, our forward thinking B Corp boutique denim factory, we create garments with longevity in mind, ensuring the best processes are followed throughout our products creation.