DALA X SOJO: Our tailoring and repairs service.

Introducing our tailoring service. For the perfect fit, next month or next year.


The secret to long-lasting clothing begins with finding your perfect fit, caring for your items and repairing them when the time comes.


That’s why we offer seamless and high quality tailoring and repairs.


At DALA, we champion craftsmanship and that’s why we’re bringing you seamless and high quality tailoring and repairs to ensure your items can be loved for longer.


We’ve partnered with SOJO to offer bespoke tailoring and repairs on a selection of our items, whether you’re buying them now or they’re already in your wardrobe.


At DALA, we believe in finding the perfect fit for our customers. That’s why we’ve partnered with SOJO, the clothing alterations and repairs platform who share our mission of building a sustainable fashion future.


We are partially covering the cost of our tailoring service as part of our commitment to our customers and the planet.


Getting the perfect fit has never been so simple.


Book your service
Select a service from our list and describe what you would like done. SOJO will walk you through how to match or pin your item for the perfect fit.

SOJO gets to work
Expert tailors do their thing, ensuring that it fits you perfectly and functions flawlessly.

Tailored to you
Returned to you via door-to-door collection and delivery in London, and a postal service nationwide.

Tailor Now.