Objects with meaning - Elle from Goods In

We spent some time with Elle from Goods in discussing collections and vintage furniture... 
Dala : You collect, curate and sell antiques and vintage furniture. What drew you to this?
Elle : I Was interested in making props for drag shows initially and that got me interested in the functionality of objects, what they are and what they can be. I often find that there are many things people overlook or disregard when they are actually really special. I love being able to put them into a new environment and give them a second life.
Dala : You have recently designed your first bit of furniture, The Altar Table, how did this come about?
Elle : The table started as a gift for my boyfriend. I made one for him and then the more we lived with it the more I wanted to start making them for other people.
Dala : And what lead you to call it the Alter Table?
Elle : It was actually one of my best friends that gave me the idea. They noticed that I always create an alter in my bedrooms. I collect things and then lay them out on a surface. The collection on display at the time sort of expresses how I feel. I guess someone else had to see it to name it.