In Conversation with: Londie Ncube 


We spoke to Londie Ncube, European fashion editor at Glamour and one of the founders of curated vintage platform atijọ store. Londie talks to us about her inspirations and what 'getting dressed' means to her. 

Hi Londie, how are you doing? What do the next few months look like for you as an editor at Glamour and running your own vintage store?
I'm really well, finally having some slower days it has been a really busy and overwhelming start to the year with lots of travelling and I'm grateful for every opportunity but balance is so key. We are working on a project for atijọ which is going to be a really exciting new direction for us. So much collaboration in store over the next few months so lots I can't wait to bring to fruition.

What made you want to start atijọ store - has vintage always been a big part of your life ?
From early on I fell in love with this merge of worlds in vintage and exploring that through charity shops, vintage stores, markets and carboot sales was always so thrilling and fun for me. I know not everyone shares the same thrill for the hunt and that was what atijọ was really about, create a contemporary lense for vintage to live through that was more curated and modern and it became so much more - a space we could celebrate our community in. 
What does getting dressed mean to you?
Getting dressed means expression and play. I love to put an outfit together based on what excites me that day, week or season. I'm always in tune with how my body is feeling before I get dressed and I feel the best version of myself when my outfit reflects that. 

Where do you find your inspiration from? Are there any key references that you always find yourself coming back to?
I always go back to looking at Vintage photos of black women, theres a power that speak to me in those beyond style. The best thing about getting dressed that I feel we sometimes forget is there is no right or wrong, that also always inspires me.
What are the biggest changes you've seen in the industry in recent years? Any words of advice for people looking to get started now?

Its a very competitive space and it has got very saturated, even more than ever. I think it's important to not get clouded by the noise and do something because YOU love it and believe in it, lead with instinct and act with love. 
Did you have a key moment or highlight in your career that made you think, yes this is what I want to be doing? 
Not one in particular but over the years I basically moved closer and closer to what brought me the most joy, which is all any of us can do. 
When you're not working, what is your favourite way to relax?

Rest, moving my body with dance or yoga, playing outside with my daugther.
Lastly - we're building a playlist from all the amazing people we talk to - whats your favourite track right now?
Libianca - People 
Lily Allen - Not fair (I always have a throwback track on rotation)